Element Dark
Mana SpeedFast


  • Deals 452% damage to the target.
  • The target receives 294 damage over 6 turns.


Overall - 8
Raid - 8
Defense - 7
Titan - 6

Pros and Cons

  • powerful skill damage
  • periodic damage
  • excellent stats for both survival and attack
  • weak damage from stones


Sartana Empires & Puzzles is a legendary 5-star hero of the Dark element. A distinctive feature of the character is the poison, which she imposes after being hit with her skill. This poison deals damage over several turns and can significantly complicate the life of an opponent.

According to the basic characteristics of Sartan a fairly versatile hero. Its attack is equal to 694 units at the maximum level. The defense is exactly 700, and the health is 1382. She has a Fast mana gain, which makes her a very attractive hero to use in the main team.

Sartana’s Deathstrike skill is a combination of the shooting ability and DOT. First, the hero deals 452% damage to the enemy from his attack, and then hangs poison on the enemy, which deals 294 over 6 turns. If you do not dispel or do not heal the damage on the target, then most likely the enemy will die during the action of the poison.

The hero belongs to the class of Wizards. 25% chance to deal 15% additional damage with normal and special attacks for each active buff on the enemy. This ability will be relevant only in PvP battles, where characters often accumulate a lot of buffs during the battle.

Sartana empires and puzzles is considered an excellent hero for PvP battles. Both offensively and defensively, she can cause big trouble for the opponent, due to her fast mana set and excellent striking ability. And on Titan, the hero also has every chance of getting into the main team.

The legendary hero of the violet element Sartana is a great character that every player who wants to get to the top both in war and on the titans should have. You can catch this character in the camp of level 20 of your fortress. The main thing is to have patience and recruits =)


2 lvl3 lvl4 lvl

– 273K Food

– 2 Tall Boots

– 3 Dagger

– 3 Scabbard

– 442K Food

– 1 Compass

– 1 Fine Gloves

– 3 Scabbard

– 4 Trap Tools

– 708K Food

– 1 Damascus Blade

– 1 Tome of Tactics

– 4 Trap Tools

– 6 Royal Tabard


Element Dark
Mana SpeedFast

Costume Skill

  • Deals 532% damage to the target.

Costume Rating

Overall - 9
Raid - 10
Defense - 8
Titan - 4

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