Element Fire
Mana SpeedSlow


Volcanic Eruption
  • Deals 205% damage to all enemies.
  • All enemies receive 360 damage over 6 turns.


Overall - 5
Raid - 5
Defense - 5
Titan - 6

Pros and Cons

  • high skill damage
  • strong hits from the stones
  • mana regen very slowly
  • low survival rate


Azlar is a 5 star fire hero that can be obtained from the camp. It has very high damage from stones and massive damage from a skill. In contrast to this, it has a fairly average survivability and a slow mana gain.

The characteristics of the hero are completely offensive. He has almost the highest attack from stones, but weak defense.

Talents should be increased in the attack tree.

Due to his skill, he is a formidable force in defense teams, and is well-deserved in this direction of play. Azlar’s skill will incinerate any team that will allow him to gain mana and use his ultimate ability. And if he has level up the talents of a barbarian, then in addition to the fiery DOT with a 15% probability additional bleeding will appear on the opponents.


For teams on titans, he is an average hero, since with a very good attack from stones, Azlar has a very weak skill for one target. But nevertheless, the hero can be safely taken on the titans for lack of a better option.

For attack teams, he is also rated as an average hero; in such teams, heroes with a quick set of mana and point damage are very much appreciated. However, if you manage to gain mana for him, then the enemy will definitely be in trouble.

This hero should not be placed in the center of the defense team, since due to the small characteristics of the defense, Azlar is unlikely to live up to his ability due to the main focus of the enemy’s attack on the central hero. Place him following the flanks of the team.

Azlar in Empires & Puzzles is considered a good 5 Star regular Fire hero. If it dropped out to you then you can safely use it in defense teams or Titans.


2 lvl3 lvl4 lvl

– 273K Food

– 2 Tall Boots

– 3 Arcane Scripts

– 3 Chainmail Shirt

– 442K Food

– 1 Compass

– 1 Fine Gloves

– 3 Chainmail Shirt

– 4 Hidden Blade

– 708K Food

– 1 Damascus Blade

– 1 Tome of Tactics

– 4 Hidden Blade

– 6 Mystic Rings


Element Fire
Mana SpeedSlow

Costume Skill

Volcanic Foareu
  • Deals 205% damage to the target and nearby enemies.
  • Deals 410% damage if the target has less than 50% health remaining.
  • The target and nearby enemies receive 430 burn damage over 2 turns . This effect can’t be dispelled.

Costume Rating

Overall - 8
Raid - 8
Defense - 7
Titan - 8

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