Element Holy
Mana SpeedAverage


Spartan Cleave
  • Deals 415% damage to the target.
  • Reduces the mana of the target by 40%.
  • Heals the caster for 75% of damage dealt.


Overall - 6
Raid - 6
Defense - 6
Titan - 6

Pros and Cons

  • powerful hand attack
  • cuts mana
  • vampirism – survives longer
  • lots of armor
  • average skill speed
  • low health


Leonidas Empires and Puzzles is a good hero fighter of 5 stars of the Holy element. A regular hero who combines a shooter, a manacuter and a healer.

Leonidas is a real Spartan who can show himself well both in defense and in attack. He skillfully combines good attacking characteristics – 731, and defensive characteristics – 718. The amount of health is 1221, which is the average for a legendary hero. Its mana gain is average.

The character belongs to the monk class, which has a 30% chance of resisting negative effects directed at him. This ability is very much in demand in pvp battles, where debuffs are an part of the battle.

The hero’s skill “Spartan Cleave” deals good damage to one target – 415% (up from 365% in patch 37.0.0) from Leonidas’ attack. Reduces enemy mana by 40%. And heals Leonidas himself for 75% of the damage dealt. Such a wide range of his skills is very attractive to players and can often be found on a variety of teams.

The hero’s ratings, according to the community of players, are average. It is in great demand in both PvP and PvE.

Leonidas Empires and Puzzles is definitely a good hero and will come in handy in your collection.


2 lvl3 lvl4 lvl

– 273K Food

– 2 Tall Boots

– 3 Arcane Scripts

– 3 Chainmail Shirt

– 442K Food

– 1 Compass

– 1 Fine Gloves

– 3 Chainmail Shirt

 – 4 Orb of Magic

– 708K Food

– 1 Damascus Blade

– 1 Tome of Tactics

– 4 Orb of Magic

– 6 Poison Darts


Element Holy
Mana SpeedAverage

Costume Skill

Spartan Charge
  • Deals 390% damage to the target and minor damage to nearby enemies.
  • The target and nearby enemies get -54% against Holy for 4 turns.
  • All Dark enemies get -34% attack for 4 turns.

Costume Rating

Overall - 9
Raid - 9
Defense - 7
Titan - 10

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