Element Ice
Mana SpeedAverage


Icecold Finisher
  • Deals 490% damage to the target and minor damage to nearby enemies.


Overall - 6
Raid - 6
Defense - 6
Titan - 3

Pros and Cons

  • one of the best tanks in the game
  • high damage skill
  • weak attack


Thorne Empires & Puzzles is a legendary tank of the Ice element. In the spring of 2019, during the update, the character underwent minor changes, his attack was increased and his health decreased. According to the developers, this was supposed to increase the usefulness of this hero in the game.

Thorne’s attack at the time of writing this review is 638, which is a low index among legendary heroes. The defense, on the other hand, falls short of 800 and amounts to 793 units. The total amount of health at the maximum development level is 1339. He has an average set of mana, which allows him to use the ability quite often with a successful field of blue stones.

Talents are recommended to be enchanted into the defense branch.

As befits most of the tanks in the game Thorne belongs to the Paladin class. This gives him a 15% chance to gain 25% defense after taking any damage. An additional 25% of the hero’s already large defense can become an insurmountable obstacle to victory over his team.

This Ice Knight possesses the Crushing Ice Strike skill. The skill deals 490% (up from 480% in patch 37.0.0) to the target and minor damage to nearby enemies. Compared to other hero skills, the damage is quite strong. It is a pity that the hero’s attack is rather weak and the mana gain rate is not high.

Thorn empires and puzzles is a regular free hero that can be obtained from the level 20 camp.


2 lvl3 lvl4 lvl

– 273K Food

– 2 Tall Boots

– 3 Strong Rope

– 3 Battle Manual

– 442K Food

– 1 Compass

– 1 Fine Gloves

– 3 Battle Manual

– 4 Warm Cape

– 708K Food

– 1 Damascus Blade

– 1 Tome of Tactics

– 4 Warm Cape

– 6 Farsight Telescope


Element Ice
Mana SpeedAverage

Costume Skill

Freezing Finale
  • Deals 540% damage to the target.
  • The caster gets +24% mana generation for 3 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled.

Costume Rating

Overall - 8
Raid - 8
Defense - 8
Titan - 6

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