Element Nature
Mana SpeedFast


Perfect Shot
  • Deals 512% damage to the target.


Overall - 8
Raid - 8
Defense - 8
Titan - 6

Pros and Cons

  • great attack rate
  • fast skill charge
  • explosive point damage
  • can pull out the whole fight due to powerful skill
  • not the greatest amount of health
  • does not “debuff” opponents
  • doesn’t improve allies


Lianna Empires & Puzzles is an excellent attacking hero, both for titans and other players. She is almost the best character, according to the community of players, whom you can get absolutely for free from the level 20 camp in your castle.

This elf has versatile base stats and at the same time they are slightly above average.

  • Attack 729
  • Defense 718
  • Health amount 1248

At the same time, it has a fast gain of mana.

Lianna belongs to the Rangers. This is clear by looking at the art of this archer. Heroes of this class have a 25% chance to bypass any defensive buffs, including counterattack. This is a pretty good ability for PvP battles.

The name of the hero’s skill sounds like “Perfect Shot”. It describes its action as accurately as possible. Deals 512% damage to target. Not many heroes can compete with this lady’s damage.

As we wrote above, Lianna is highly rated by players, both in PvP and PvE battles. This is a so-called shooter hero. The heroes of this direction are designed to quickly eliminate one target from the opposing team. As a rule, they have huge damage from the ability, high attack rates and low defensive characteristics. In our case, she even has characteristics slightly above average, which makes her use more preferable than using other heroes. 

Lianna Empires and Puzzles is one of the best regular heroes in the game. If you need a good result in wars and on titans, then you must have it in your collection of heroes.


2 lvl3 lvl4 lvl

– 273K Food

– 2 Tall Boots

– 3 Dagger

– 3 Scabbard

– 442K Food

– 1 Compass

– 1 Fine Gloves

– 3 Scabbard

– 4 Sturdy Shield

– 708K Food

– 1 Damascus Blade

– 1 Tome of Tactics

– 4 Sturdy Shield

– 6 Mysterious Tonic


Element Nature
Mana SpeedFast

Costume Skill

Pure Shot
  • Deals 482% damage to the target.
  • The target gets -34% mana generation for 3 turns.

Costume Rating

Overall - 10
Raid - 10
Defense - 9
Titan - 9

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